Amazing Grace

So much of this last year has been about Amazing Grace. The grace to adapt, accept, cope, adjust, release, feel, flex, transmute, create, destroy, shift, be, love, care. Flow, steer, evaluate, choose, grieve, transform. realize, connect, participate, withdraw, speak and listen. Wonder, worry, support, thrive, crash, gestate, rebirth, reconsider and prioritize. The grace to be a living example and courageously live our truths, no matter what, even though life as we knew it ended dramatically and instantaneously.

Wow- what Amazing Grace against all odds! How sweet the sound of engaging the Divine by all the ways we personally connect and by whatever name we use.

And now we begin to build our new reality. May we do that as well with the sweet sounds of Amazing Grace we’ve been practicing. We are all warmed up!

Unending Love, Amazing Grace.


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