Yoga for the Brain Team

Meet our Yoga for the Brain Team

Everyone on the team has worked with Cristina Smith for more than 20 years. As a result, you can count on seamless cohesion from experienced professionals dedicated to your growth. They all exemplify the Yoga for the Brain philosophy:

Business is service.

Marketing is community.

Sales are love.  

Cristina Smith is the creator and author of the award-winning, best-selling Yoga for the Brain series. Her research, discoveries, mentoring and teachings have helped bring more health and happiness into many lives. She will consult with you to bring perspective, focus, clarity, and insight to your business.

Founding president of the San Diego Holistic Chamber of Commerce, Cristina is devoted to cultivating community, cooperation and communication among us to make the world a kinder place. Her mission is to help people master the energy of their lives. She has done so over the past 40 years through her writings, teachings and presentations. Cristina has spoken with and written to tens of thousands of people through hundreds of articles, books, talks, workshops and programs on stage, online and one-on-one.

As founder and Chief Energy Officer of the Subtle Energy Center, she has facilitated the subtle energy scientific, spiritual and healing communities both locally and globally. Cristina was voted Favorite Medical Intuitive on in 2013. She was recognized for Outstanding Community Service by the State of California for unyielding commitment to preventing and reversing cancer and other degenerative diseases. On a parallel track, Cristina has served as a marketing executive for several companies.

As a person who has followed her visions and dreams her entire career, Cristina has decades of expertise and resources to offer to those seeking a successfully satisfying, compassionately impactful, extraordinarily meaningful life.

Bertha Edington is our Director of Marketing and can help you build your brand to reach more people.

Bertha is founder and president of Marketing Influence. A longtime marketing executive for businesses ranging from small to multinational, her powerfully effective programs have significantly contributed to increasing market awareness and the success of many organizations. She believes that it is critical to track results to review and enhance success. Bertha has successfully created everything from new websites to lead generation campaigns to brand development programs.

Barbara Eldridge has built a solid reputation as a Success Strategies Specialist, coach, and speaker within industry and business for over thirty-five years. She brings her powerful skills to our team to help your business plan for and achieve success. Barbara is president and founder of Mind Masters, an organization for small business owners that encourages, challenges, and stimulates business development, financial growth, and personal and professional change. Her unique message helps entrepreneurs and small business owners meet the challenges of the changing market place.

Darity Wesley, our Chief Business Booster, has experienced life to its fullest by following her business dreams and putting in the exceptional effort required to make her visions a reality. After almost 20 years as a corporate executive, she started her own privacy and information security company and then expanded it to become the Lotus Law Center.  Darity has transitioned to the next chapter in her life which includes being an award-winning author, Modern Day Oracle and Death Diva.

Darity’s business experience supports your goals and objectives from a personal, professional and spiritual perspective. Her style of business coaching is your ultimate tool to achieve the results you desire in your business as well as supporting a balanced personal life as you ground your visions into reality. Darity can share with you resources and information about protecting your creative projects, making sure you consider how contracts may or may not affect your business, setting up the structure of your business for what you want to achieve, online and offline.

Ingrid Coffin is the creator of inspirational Meta-Thoughts® messages, co-author of Word Search Sage: Yoga for the Brain, and founder of Blue Sky Ranch intentional community in Lakeside, California. Ingrid is also an esoteric life coach and evolutionary astrologer. She helps the team navigate the subtle energies of doing business in these amazing times.


Melissa Morgan, our Editor-in-Chief and Breakthrough Catalyst, can work with you on writing as well help you move past any stuck points.

A successful multi-talented creative artist and business person, Melissa serves as Editor-in-Chief for the Yoga for the Brain series. Additionally, she is an innovative harpist and composer and deep believer in magic and mystery. She has a number of harp recordings, likes to play and work with crystals, and guides people through their blockages by blending creativity, journeying, music and more. Melissa has been an editor for more than 40 years and can consult with you on your writing as well as help facilitate a breakthrough to innovate ways to integrate your many gifts, skills and expertise.

Paula Wansley is our Director of Communications. She handles contributing author logistics and communication. If you have any questions about the process, she’s the one to ask!



Rick Smith is our Puzzlemaster. He has been creating games, riddles, and puzzle books for decades. Rick lives in Colorado and is retired from a life in high tech and startup companies.

When they get together, brother and sister Rick and Cristina still enjoy doing jigsaw, word, and logic puzzles as well as cooking a delicious meal.

These are the core Yoga for the Brain consultants ready, willing and able to help you reach your goals and achieve your mission. We look forward to supporting your success!

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