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Sharing a laugh with Dr. Norm Shealy as emcee for conference.

Cristina Smith helps people get more health and happiness through the power of positive play.

She is a puzzle expert, career-long writer, presenter and entrepreneur who builds inclusive community through her writings, events and programs.

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Recent mentions in the news include her December 2020 12 Days of Word Search program and giveaway:

Kicking off the San Diego Holistic Chamber of Commerce


I have had the pleasure of knowing Cristina for several years and through her content and contribution to The Wellness Universe… she has always shared wisdom, knowledge and inspiration. Cristina knows how to get published, connect and network authentically and was so generous to share all of her knowledge and experience with such heart! Thank you Cristina you are a treasure. -Anna Pereira, Founder,  The Wellness Universe 

Proud sponsor of Sudoku in Schools, Nevada County, CA

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