Merry Christmas Eve

Whew! It’s finally here. Christmas Eve. For those who celebrate the holiday in that fashion, the presents are wrapped, the food is cooking or underway and the million details are mostly handled. Or not.

Many of us are exhausted, whatever our personal belief systems happen to be. The constant barrage of music and decorations and pressure can be overwhelming. Now is the time for a big deep breath and to take a moment.

Whether you celebrate the return of the sun, with the Winter Solstice on December 21 where the days are starting to get longer, or the birth of the Son, this is a time of year full of meaning. And activities. And responsibilities. And, and, and. There’s a kind of magic that starts on December 24 and continues through the first of the year that everyone can enjoy, no matter what religion or culture. There’s a kind of suspension of time. Many take vacations and visit family. Businesses often close. Work schedules change.

Take advantage of this suspended time. Whether busy visiting relatives or celebrating with friends, enjoy that in-betweenness that is beginning now. The old year is winding down. The new hasn’t yet begun. There’s time here. Busy time, yes, but magic time too.

How has 2019 been for you? A dramatic year for so many, what were its high points and low points for you personally? What quintessential essence rose up or was lost? Did you and your family emerge unscathed from the radical storms and weather? Take a moment to be grateful. Many suffered terribly in this last year.

People have left the planet and babies have been born. Devastating diagnoses have been handed out and miracle healings have occurred. Life, in all its glory and despair has continued to continue.

As we look to the increased light of lengthening days, we can each consider our own light, and how we shine it. For some that’s a matter of faith and prayer. Others embrace causes. We’ve seen our youth step forward this year with their own voices and agenda. And many of us accompanied and supported them. And will continue to do so.

Give yourself the gift of time in this magical transition period. Enjoy friends and loved ones. Exchange gifts, whether seasonal or energetic. Celebrate your successes and incremental progress made and consider the things that didn’t work out just perfectly, and what information those experiences have to offer.

If you’re alone and lonely, make a commitment to yourself to reach out and build up your personal connections and community. We all have so much to offer each other. If you’re knee deep in family and friends, count your blessings and give out some extra hugs.

Let this special, magical in-between time be infused with light and joy and deep contemplation. It’s a busy time, but you can spare some moments for yourself. To savor. To consider. To enjoy.

May the increasing light of this time of year plant lovely seeds in your heart that will grow and blossom throughout your future.

©2019 Cristina Smith. All rights reserved.


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